Hello! I am Ryan Chan

Experienced Product Manager

Diligent Product Manager with 7 years of experience developing product strategies.


Diligent Product Manager with 8 years of experience developing product strategies. Data-driven, customer-centric and organized. Committed to improvements in quality and delivery functions. The parcel locker product has grown to become the dominant product in Hong Kong, starting from scratch. A wide range of products is available, including locker management, transportation, order management, parcel sorting, routing, route optimization, drivers application, and real-time tracking.


Project Managment

Establish expectations and clear directions to meet all goals and objectives.


Experience with the development and maintenance of mobile applications.

Good Problem Solvers

Ability to think creatively and analyze concepts in a logical way.

Data Visualization

The ability to visualize data is one of the most important skills in the future. Tableau has not only greatly improved my work efficiency in the past analysis work, but also helped me to advance my career. This is a fantastic tool that I am happy to use.

Ryan Chan has been an employee at SF Express for more than five years. He has been a pleasure to work with, bringing his attention to detail to every project. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he has tons of innovative IOT ideas. Ryan is talented at both big picture ideas and executing the small details. I can highly recommend Ryan for the opportunity that you have available.

Jackson Cheng

I worked with Ryan on his BI project while at Chun Yip plastics. In my job, I spoke to a lot of IT professionals and Ryan struck me as someone who is both technically savvy, as well as having a great Business sense. When he conducted the evaluation of the BI software tool, he started with answering some real business questions that can help his business users improves top line as well as bottom line. He understood that if IT wants to empower business, they need tools that can be used by the average business users. He does that by being very hands-on and spent a lot of efforts to test out the user experience together with his users, so that he can be sure that the solution he picked can deliver the results they have in mind. I believe Ryan would be a great asset to any organization that is looking to getting value out of their data.

Emily You